New kitchen

So we decided that we wanted a new kitchen. At first, it was just getting new cupboards, drawers, oven, stove, fridge etc. and keeping the old flooring and walls. But eventually we decided to make it a total overhaul. New floor, new walls, new wiring and outlets.

So we ordered the kicthen (from Vordingborg Køkkener. They came and took measurement and then we started doing the walls, the new floor and the new electrical wiring.

At first, the kitchen was enclosed in plastic because the work would involve a lot of dust and dirt. And it certainly did! Most of the house was covered in a fine layer of concrete dust.

Eventually it started looking decent. New walls and floor looked great, the new wiring and outlets looked great too. Then today, on the 1st of july, we got MOST of the new kitchen (the new fridge is postponed 2 weeks sadly).

But since we paid for installation, we’re now waiting for a date for that as well…

Radu’s 15th birthday.

So today Radu turned 15. Still with his arm in a sling, he got up to receive his birthday present which was a brand new computer. AMD Ryzen 3700X, NVidia RTX 3060Ti, 16GB Ram and 1TB of NVMe storage. I also installed the old 1TB HDD from his last computer so he has a bit more storage space. The computer runs well and he seems happy.

He also got a bit of money and we had purchased a croissant for his breakfast. It was still a school day (well, online school anyway) but that didn’t tamper with his mood.

It was, however, a little bit of a struggle for him to blow out his birthday candle!

But he enjoyed the computer very much.

Happy birthday, Radu!

The first run at Motocross…

Radu was sure excited to finally be able to drive his motocross bike again, but alas, on the very first trip he had an accident which resulted in a fracture of his left shoulder.

Now he faces three weeks with his left arm in a sling.

The accident didn’t scare him, though. He’ll be back on the bike as soon as possible 🙂

Gallery “Moving and getting into place”

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Hello world!

This is us. We live in Albertslund, a suburb of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Albertslund is a city that is a part of several cities in a region known as “Vestegnen”, which basically means the “west side”, since we are placed to the west of central Copenhagen.

It is sometimes seen as a bit of a “semi-rough” area, compared to central copenhagen, although not when compared to places like Nørrebro in the Northern West region of Copenhagen.

Albertslund isn’t really the worst place, there are probably a few cities in “Vestegnen” that has a worse reputation, and to be honest, the place where we live, called Godthåbsparken, it’s actually rather quiet and cozy.

Maybe because it’s all purchased housing and not rentals. We moved here from Slagelse in 2020, just before Covid-19 locked down Denmark. We got about 40m² more space, closer to work, a smaller (and easier) garden and the community even has it own public pool, tennis courts, soccer courts, basketball courts, fastfood place, recycling station etc.

It’s also pretty close to school and the S-tog (train). Not that I’ve been using the train that much since I’ve been sent to work from home several times since Covid-19 spread throughout the country.

At the moment we are getting a bit tired from the lockdown of pretty much most of the world. We were supposed to go to the Maldives for two weeks in week 8 and 9 of 2021, but that was cancelled by the travel agency. Sigh. I think Narcisa would have liked to experience the ocean of the Maldives again. She certainly liked in back in 2019 when we went there for our honeymoon, as you can see from the picture.

Moving to Albertslund was relatively easy, since we had access to the house before actually moving in. Narcisa went by almost daily with moving boxes full of our stuff so in the end, we could have all our big stuff (furnitures) in one small lorry, driven by a friend of ours.

Still, there were a bit of mess here and there…